Paradigm Publishing Company LLC is a publisher of both Fiction and Non Fiction titles. We specialize in children’s books, social sciences and references books, comic books, poetry books and greeting cards. To submit a manuscript for possible publishing and distribution consideration the document should be professionally edited, created with MS Word or some other reliable word processing software. Margins should be set to at least .75 on all sides (gutter included). A brief outline should accompany any submission explaining what the manuscript is about and who is the projected audience for the work. All manuscripts must have a title page which clearly states the authors name.  All manuscripts should be mailed to the address below and are unreturnable. If you wish to submit an electronic document it must be in pdf form and you should contact us for where these documents should be sent.


Mail manuscripts to:

Paradigm Publishing Company LLC

PO BOX 2076

Powder Springs, GA 30127

ATTN: Editorial Department